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Dr. Alden Cass

"The industry is now accepting the fact that psychology and business do coexist"
  Dr. Alden M. Cass
  Competitive Streak Consulting

Back in 45
Private, Executive coaching for brokers, traders and investment bankers

Innervisions Psychological Services

Dr. Cass’ Therapy practice

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The Street

Read Dr. Cass´ column on The Street

Open Book: Think Like a Bull, Avoid Disaster
Recently, thousands of financial service workers and investors experienced shell shock as Bear Stearns crumbled...

A Three-Point Checklist for Winning the Rat Race
When pursuing your goals, follow this mental checklist.

Your Early Midlife Crisis
Why are more men in their 20s and 30s feeling disillusioned and misdirected?

In God (or the Fed) We Trust
In times of panic in the financial markets, it is human nature to turn to a higher power for help.

Do You Have an Unconscious Fear of Success?
Traders, athletes and entertainers often sabotage their success for fear of what to do next.

Bad Trading Day? Pick Yourself Up and Move On
The best of us, from pro athletes to top hedge fund managers, must learn to shake off inevitable defeat.

Luck, Rituals and the Successful Trader
If a routine helps you concentrate, it's useful.

Stick to Your Guns
When taking risks, don't hamstring yourself with second-guesses.
When taking risks, don't hamstring yourself with second-guesses.

Markets and Mood Swings
A reader asks how best to let workday emotions go at the end of the day.

The Pursuit of Happiness
If you can't appreciate life's gifts, all the money in the world will never make you happy.

Trust Your Instincts
When a trade or investment goes bad the mind's natural reaction is to create thoughts that trigger fear and worry.

Motivational Catalysts for the Trader
A long week of bad trading days can make you feel like you've gone one round with Mike Tyson in a back alley.

Facing Fastball Pressure
I needed to find a way to reclaim my mental edge.

Bullish Thinking Cap
"Bullish thinking" is the ability to see the sun through the clouds.

Breaking Out of a Mental Slump
Even the best investors can be crippled by irrational expectations of their performances on each trade.

The Narcissist Investor
narcissistic, overconfident, self-centered [...] are these traits all necessarily detrimental?

More Sunlight, Higher Returns
It is a well-documented fact that sunlight can have a mood-elevating impact on the human brain.

Don't Trade with your Wallet
Sit on Your Wallet, Count Returns Later. Trading in our markets is not for the faint of heart nor the weak of stomach.

Don't Aim, Just throw the ball
Clear the noise in your head before you start work each day.

Stocks, Emotions Don't Mix
As Gordon Gekko says: "Never get emotional about stocks because it clouds judgment."

Healthy Mind, Healthy Profits
There are a variety of negative outcomes that can surface when your expectations for absolute success on a given trade, investment or relationship are not met with reality.

Coming to Your Trading Emotional Rescue
...practical solutions for remaining emotionally disciplined and objective in short- and long-term investment strategies

Dr. Cass in GQ
  Read the Dr. Cass - GQ Interview

Watch Dr. Cass and Norm Trainor
Watch Dr. Cass and Norm Trainor
Contemporary issues facing Wall Street professionals interview

Advice for managing uncertainty and volatility

Achieving emotional discipline and reconnecting to clients

Trader Magazine
Read Dr. Cass´ articles in Trader magazine

FM World Charities

Dr. Cass is an advisory board member of FM World Charities: promoting public health and improving the quality of life in underserved communities throughout the world.

Wall Street Wives Club
This group was formed to empower and serve the needs of wives and girlfriends whose husbands or significant others work in the stressful and volatile brokerage community.

Just like the miracle Mets of '86: You Just Gotta Believe!
Anxiety is normal for any trader when big decisions need to be made without sufficient data points.

To Live and Trade as a Responsible Narcissist
Why being an ego-maniacal, selfish, totally demanding trader is not necessarily a bad thing.

The Fear Factor
Advice to a Trader Paralyzed by Fear

Ask the Doctor
Trading Psychology & Strategies.

Avoiding the Starter Divorce
Advice for a lonely trader who´s set unrealistic standards based more on bra size than brain size.

Trust your Instincts
Make money the old fashioned way: listen to your gut.

I ain´t calling her a gold digger
Advice for a trader who´s smarting from an expensive vacation with an unappreciative girlfriend.

Read Dr. Cass articles

The Psychology of Success

Example of a bullish thinking log.

Stock Exchange

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Competitive Streak Consulting, Inc. (CSC)

CSC is the performance coaching and professional consulting practice of Dr. Alden Cass. Pairing his work as a clinical psychologist and performance coach, Dr. Cass assists individuals, groups, teams, and firms in identifying and correcting self-defeating behaviors and emotions before they hamper productivity and job satisfaction. Through the use of personalized performance coaching, phone coaching sessions, educational, motivational, and specialized lectures, modules, profiling assessments and workshops, Dr. Cass has been able to inspire clients on a world wide scale and help them to achieve optimal levels of work performance.

Who do we work with?
Our clients come from a wide range of high stress environments including:
  • Venture Capital Executives
  • Crypto and Tech Start-up Entrepreneurs
  • Financial Advisors
  • Hedge Fund and Prop Traders
  • Investment Bankers
  • Private Equity
  • Lawyers
  • Medical Professionals
  • Film Producers / Executives
  • All Sales Professionals
  • Singers / Dancers
  • Athletes (pro / semi-pro)
  • Law Enforcement
  • Professors
  • Writers / Editors

Competitive Streak Consulting works with a wide range of strongly driven professionals and executives some of whom work at companies such as UBS, Capital Wealth Group, Jana partners and individually referred clients from Merrill Lynch, Citadel, BlackRock, BlackStone, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, Centerbridge, DE Shaw, Skadden Arps.

Dr. Alden Cass’ Media and Lecture Highlight Reel

Bullish Thinking: Reaching The Optimal Performance Zone Workshop

CSC Performance Enhancement Packages for Career / Relationship Burnout Support Group, Performance Coaching, Hybrid Coaching / Therapy, Nationwide Phone Coaching, Talent Maturation for Athletes, Singers, and Performers

And also on-site sessions, Therapy services, Career/ Relationship Burnout Support Group, Back in 45 off-site sessions, Profiling Assessments, Wall Street Wives Club, Divorced Male Executive Group, Support Services.

Getting started with CSC

How to get started:

Dr. Cass

In order to work with one of our performance coaches at CSC, an initial phone consultation is required. This brief consultation is complimentary and will allow us to determine what type of coach would be most suitable for meeting your needs. Some individuals who would like therapy to be a part of this process will have the ability to do so with our hybrid coaching/therapy specialists. We believe that commitment is essential in contributing to a positive outcome of your work with us. Consequently, once you have met with your coach for the first time and have discussed your goals and the process we ask that you commit to a minimum of 4 more meetings to be scheduled at your convenience. All of our coaches are trained in "Bullish Thinking," "Channeled Rage," and "Subtle Sales," and they can be incorporated into any of our services as needed.

Phase 1: "Top Performer Profiling"

Once your coach has been selected, they will supply you with passwords and a link to our “Sales for Success” and “Managing For Success” tests which are imbedded within our website. Whether you are going to meet your coach in person or you are applying to our phone coaching process, this invaluable instrument allows your coach to get a better understanding of your strengths, weaknesses, motivations, and communication styles, and trigger points for burnout in your chosen professions. You can complete this 24 item test from the comfort of your own home and the results will remain confidential and sent to your coach. The result of this test is a 30 page report that you will receive upon meeting your coach. This will be the operating manual for improving productivity at work as well as in understanding yourself and how others perceive you.

Phase 2: The first Meeting/Debriefing (can be accomplished for phone coaching)

The first meeting can either be on site at our offices or offsite at your convenience. During this debriefing of the report, the client and coach talk about setting goals and the client will get a chance to talk about what aspects of their business they would like to change or improve upon. Together, the client and their coach develop a roadmap for success. At this point, the coach and client will determine how many meetings will be most effective in order to reach the stated goals. Typically, hybrid coaching/therapy relationships require larger packages because of the intensity of the work being done. The minimum number of meetings you must commit to is 4 more at this point which can be scheduled at your convenience as our process has been most effective with no less than this frequency.

Phase 3: The Journey

The journey of coaching or therapy begins after your first meeting with your coach/therapist. Our coaches assign weekly behavioral tasks that are based on building your businesses and improving your overall quality of life. We hold all of our clients accountable for this work as you continue on through our process. Throughout the process you will be held responsible for meeting your stated goals by our coaches/therapists. It is important to our coaches that solid working relationships can be built throughout the process and that the end result will be a team accomplishment.

CSC Performance Workshops

Bullish Thinking and the CAR Elements:
Reaching The Optimal Performance Zone (For Financial Advisors, Portfolio Managers, Analysts, Bankers, and Traders)

"Successful Strategies For Financial Advisors in Uncertain Times:" Designed as a keynote or breakout session to help sales professionals improve their resiliency, emotional discipline, and motivation during times of uncertainty and after professional setbacks. Attendees will learn about:

  1. The power of perception
  2. Self Awareness in the client-advisor relationship
  3. Subtle Sales tactics to offer improved client centered service
  4. Innovative ways to become a financial counselor and source of trust for your clients
  5. Steps for redirecting reactive and emotional clients
  6. Strategies for understanding the mind of the client/prospect from a psychologist's perspective
  7. Sports psychology strategies practiced by athletes that help sales professionals to reach their optimal performance work zone

Bullish Thinking Workshop: Designed to enhance emotional discipline which is necessary for success. Employees will learn how to manage their client’s emotions and expectations as well as their own during rough times using or Bullish Thinking Monitoring Logs.

Watch part of a bullish thinking speech for the MMI-money management institute

Channeled Rage Workshop: Learn how to channel your frustration and anger in productive ways through the use of our Channeled Rage monitoring logs. Additionally, assertiveness skills (HARD-E) for managing demanding client’s or bosses will be role played and practiced.

Deconstructing The White Collar Criminal Workshop: Designed as a keynote or breakout session for the regulatory industry as it relates to the financial services sector. This workshop is educational and informative for executives in finance, regulators, and public investors. Attendees will learn about the characteristics and profiles of convicted white collar criminals so that they can be more proactive at avoiding suspicious professionals in their network.

Subtle Sales Workshop: Employees or individuals will learn how to target individual clients based on personality styles. 10 investor profiles will be discussed and each employee will learn to better present themselves to diverse clients. A manual will be distributed to teach "Act As If" tips for working with different types of people. (please refer to our chart)

Subtle Sales Training Seminar
learn the best approach to connect with a client and which clients to avoid. The excerpted sample grid below provides a quick client-advisor compatibility reference.
Green + indicates that the client will positively receive your presentation style when presenting your product
Red - indicates that client and sales person will have conflicting presentation styles and the advisor should consult our patented do´s and don´ts skills for this interaction.

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Divorced Male Executive Group Cass' Bullish Thinking Workshop

Happiness = Reality / Expectations - Dr. Alden Cass
watch video from MMI-money management institute

Today is a new day and will be a new start for me and my clients

My actions this morning will impact how I feel and how I produce later today.

I can control my thoughts and stick to a discipline to make better decisions (Bullish thoughts)

Dont aim, just throw the ball!

Swing through the hitting zone and focus on fundamentals.

It is, what it is! - The Miser

Dr. Cass' Channeled Rage Workshop Dr. Cass at the IMCA Conference in NY

Wall Street Wives Club

Dr. Cass is a board member of the National Association of Investment Professionals www.naip.com.

Dr. Cass is the sports psychologist and starting center fielder for the Champion Central Park Yankees, in a semi-professional baseball league called Pancho Coimbre.

Dr. Cass and the Champion Central Park Yankees

Champion Central Park Yankees

Top Performer Profiling System

Research Article

Research Article
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