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CATS-G Scan for Top Performer Prototyping

CSCs CATS-G scan is a powerful training and assessment tool that identifies the skills and behavioral patterns required for employees to be successful at their work. The CATS-G scan enables an organization to identify what makes their high performing employees successful.

CSC initially conducts a confidential scan on your corporate leaders and executives, creating a “behavioral prototype” that identifies the core trainable factors that have made them exemplary in areas such as productivity, leadership, and efficiency at work. This scan also examines an organizations pool of newly hired employees to identify future leaders and rising stars. For new employees whose profiles are significantly below the organizations “prototype,” a skill- building workshop is conducted to educate them on the appropriate leadership, interpersonal, and motivational skills that are used by the top performers of your company. For long-time employees, the CATS-G scan allows them to identify the discrepancies found between themselves and their higher performing colleagues. Our training program is conducted as a series of short group training workshops. Employees learn the skills necessary for matching the “prototype” top performer of your company by improving upon their deficient areas of performance, behavior, leadership, efficiency, and work ethic that separate them from the top performers.

The Psychology of Top-Performers
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CATS-G Scan: GROWware Assessment
Computers have manuals Why not people?

People are unique and must be managed, coached and supported in a way that capitalizes on their uniqueness. The GROWware™ portion of the CATS-G Scan is designed to assess your employees” individual strengths and possible limitations, and to assist managers and supervisors in developing an ‘Action Plan’ for increasing productivity and overall organizational effectiveness. The report that managers and employees will receive can help solve workplace conflicts and personality differences that impact your company while also opening up lines of communication.

Overcoming and eliminating the “Sales Slump”

Ninety percent of all sales professionals who experience a “sales slump” have merely lost sight of the behavior it takes to be successful. When a sales professional is “on a roll” he/she projects behavior that is confident and successful. When a slump occurs, that projected behavior is unsure and careful. With GROWware™, you will quickly turn their slump into success!

Results/Benefits of using the GROWware Assessment

  • Show how to spot winners and establish a reliable method of choosing salespeople.
  • Evaluate the performance of both new and existing salespeople.
  • Show the manager how to get the most out of the sales team.
  • Coach the sales team for maximum results.
  • Identify future managers.
  • Reduce turnover and new training costs.
  • Resolve and eliminate conflict between producers and support people.
  • Bring a salesperson out of a sales slump and back on a winning track.

Take the Growware Assessment.

catsg scan catsg scan
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