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Alden Cass, Ph.D.

In the words of our clients:

Testimonial from Global Compliance Solutions:

Dr Alden Cass was a Key Speaker at the Global Compliance Solutions 5th Annual Anti-Money Laundering, Compliance & Financial Crimes Conference Oct 15th 16th, 2009 in Grand Cayman. His topic, “The Psychology of the Financial Criminal What Makes Him Tick?” was incredibly relevant to our attendees and they learned so much. They also thoroughly enjoyed Alden’s entertaining and interactive presentation. Thanks so much for coming down to the Cayman Islands, Alden...we’d have you back in a snap!!

Comments from attendees at the Global Compliance Solutions 5th Annual AML/Compliance & Financial Crimes Conference Oct 15th 16th, 2009.

“Engaging and informative”

“Unique perspective on the financial environment from a psychological point of view”

“Excellent presentation very, very interesting”

“Fabulous presentation”

“Dr Cass, you made your topic interesting, informative and fun!”

“Excellent Speaker with a masterful style”


“Very interesting and very relevant in our line of work”

“Very stimulating topic! This was an eye-opener.”

“Entertaining and informative a real reality check too”

During the first half of 2009 when irrational fear was at it’s peak and the thought of complete financial meltdown felt like it may be a reality, the strains and stress of guiding clients was enough to rock even the most seasoned of advisors. Within these dark days, I found myself not only working around the clock to ease investor fears, but was in the midst of a transition out of one fallen brokerage house to a new firm. Not only was I leaving a firm I had been with for 11 years, I was the sole advisor to leave a team of 14 that I had worked with for 10 years and helped grow to over $6 million in production in 7 years. I had decided that my and my client’s interests would be best served in making this move. I found myself at a crossroads in my career and life.

Fortunately, I was surrounded by some of the best friends and family one could have, and with their encouragement, I was directed to speak with a professional career coach, named Dr. Alden Cass. This in hindsight was a decision that has allowed me to re-focus and remember how much I do love this business and industry and my desire to help families mange their finances so they could realize their dreams. With the discussions and guidance of my coach, I was refocused on the opportunity at hand and had an outside voice of reason to remind me of the importance of “Bullish Thinking.”

In the months that have passed, I am still working with my coach on new and exciting business plans and opportunities. It is a positive experience to be reminded that “would have/ could have/ should have” are not words of the successful advisor. Together my coach and I focus on How, Act, Finish. The results have been the acquisition of new clients, a fresh sense of purpose, and excitement to wake up and be at the top of my game each day.

Morgan Stanley
Financial Advisor

Competitive Streak Consulting provided an amazing workshop for our marketing and support staff. We were given the opportunity to learn about ourselves, our colleagues and the clients that we work with on a day to day basis. Our communication skills were strengthened to deliver our messages concisely with certain impact. Although the workshop is over, we were given an action plan that will guide each of us throughout the year. We are already looking for a way to bring Alden Cass back next year.

Christi Cessna
Sales and marketing director
Sierra Tucson

"Who I am, how I feel and the clarity of my thoughts determines my success everyday. In this business focus is critical. Recently, focusing or keeping my eye on the ball had been elusive.

It was getting harder to appreciate and savor success Dr. Cass changed all of that. His motivational directives and genuine concern for my professional success has made him become a unique and invaluable member of my team.

I can speak honestly, receive straight-forward direction and get feedback all necessary for success.

Ive tried others, but they really did not understand the pressures of those involved in the financial industry. It was Dr. Cass who did the trick and helped me identify the issues that sabotaged my day to day productivity. And for that, I say thank you Dr. Cass."

Senior Vice President

Whether I am negotiating deals for Wall Street´s top advisors, consulting with the heads of Global Wealth Management units on how to improve advisor productivity, or listening my clients´ daily barriers and frustrations that prevent them from achieving their desired goals, it becomes evident that reaching the top isn´t just about that new high net worth product or the multimillion dollar upfront check. I have referred many frustrated clients to Alden and his team over the years. When my clients go through the Competitive Streak Consulting´s Top Performer Profiling Program, we witness incredible results. Alden´s process improvement strategies coupled with his inspirational sales and career coaching help bring these, already big hitters, to even higher levels within an amazingly short period of time. Even more so, his overall understanding of the pressures these people face allows him to help manage their expectations, creating a career satisfaction that in many cases was lacking. Alden doesn´t make the advisors or firms, but he certainly does make them better.

Carri Degenhardt-Burke, Degenhardt Consulting a division of Wehudt, Inc, Jersey City, New Jersey

He's part shrink, part coach, part salesman, part one-of-the-guys. And while Alden Cass' mission might be to "normalize mental health on Wall Street," his approach is more Dr. Phil than Dr. Freud.

Among those he's seen: an investment banker abusing ritalin and cocaine just to get himself through the long days; a trader stuck in "behavioral paralysis" (Cass' code phrase for depression); another trader who started looking to alcohol for solace after his earnings plummeted from $125,000 to $50,000 when he changed jobs. Says his friend Matthew Albano, a lawyer-turned-broker, "Alden's just like the guys he's talking to. He's the same age. He's a single guy." In fact, before he knew him well, Albano heard Cass talking about his work and says, "I thought it was a pick-up line."

[from Newsday article “Taking the bull by the horns”]

One 20-year transactional broker in New York City, suffering from “behavioral paralysis,” sought Cass help. “Hiding from clients is a symptom of wanting to stop taking [our share of ] responsibility for the [market] losses. If I cant pick up the phone to make a presentation, thats a negative reaction.

“I felt burnt out,” he says. “The bear market has been tough in every way. Now Ive learned to take a different mental approach and reassess things from a more logical perspective and not react emotionally. Im being proactive, recognizing what has to be done and doing it.”

[from Research Magazine article “Broker Burn-out”]

"I attended Dr. Casss "Bullish Thinking Workshop" and was impressed with how he was able to keep the attention of the predominately brokerfilled auditorium with his novel approaches to improving productivity and motivation at work. I especially liked the way in which he presented practical techniques that I could use to challenge self-defeating thoughts from the minute I woke up in the morning until the final bell at the end of my work day. Dr. Cass really knows how to speak to my colleagues in the financial services industry. He understands our daily pitfalls and frustrations and his workshop helped me to see that I was more in control of my job than I ever gave myself credit for."

Gregory Manto
Financial Planner

"If you dont know that you are sometimes your own worst enemy and you have an opportunity to invest in addressing that, youre liable to get tunnel vision, and then youre less effective," says one manager at one of the worlds largest hedge fund firms. He credits his weekly sessions with Alden Cass, a psychologist and corporate consultant, with improving his performance.

Hedge fund Manager
[from Absolute Return magazine article "How trading "shrinks" help the bottom line]

"He doesnt have to know exactly what I do, he just has to know how Im behaving, and the kinds of results it gives. A lot of people could get bogged down in technicalities, but Alden doesnt get sucked into that," the trader says. “He forces you, with exercises, meetings and verbalizing things, to really identify and check and control how youre feeling."

Energy Trader
[from Absolute Return magazine article “How trading “shrinks” help the bottom line”]

757 3rd Avenue   |   New York, NY 10017   |   (646)600‑9011   |   DrAldenCass@gmail.com