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“Youre four steps away from the top of your game”

CSC´S Top Performer Profiling System is a comprehensive consultation process consisting of four phases. The goals of this process is to understand the culture that your employees work within, and to make your average employees excel to the level of your top performers. At the conclusion of this process, CSC has a ongoing commitment to your workforce and key staff by offering continued access to our tight-knit staff of coaches and consultants to ensure that the newly learned skills will be retained and on-the-spot problems are solved in a timely manner. Each employee will leave this process with a greater understanding of what it takes to be a top performer in their particular company and will feel in control of their volatile and stressful work environments. Each company will benefit from having a more cohesive team of employees who are more productive, thus leading to increased revenues, assets, and profit.


"We believe that an effective consulting relationship begins with an understanding of our clients core values and company goals."

"We believe that every problem has a solution, if only it can be identified in the first place."

Finding out the Issues on Your Desk
Using CSC´s state-of-the-art measurement techniques (Top Performer "Prototype" Rating Scale, GROWware Assessment, Personality Inventory, Anger Inventory, and a needs analysis), we identify employees whose job productivity is hampered by skill deficits and other concealed problems. Additionally, we are able to better understand your company´s objectives and job description so that we can customize our interventions to solve the "issues on your desk" that are both obvious and subtle. Within this phase employees and key staff will find out which character traits and work habits are necessary to compete with the top performers of their company. Each individual employee is provided with a personalized profile describing the outcome of these assessments and what makes them different from the "top dogs" of their firm.

CATS-G Scan for Top Performer Prototyping

CSC´s CATS-G scan is a powerful training and assessment tool that identifies the skills and behavioral patterns required for employees to be successful at their work. The CATS-G scan enables an organization to identify what makes their high performing employees successful and uncovers the skills that need improving in their low to moderately productive employees. Items were selected based on empirical research methods and experiential interactions within the financial services industry.


“We believe that all employees have the innate potential to be equally productive with the correct guidance and training made available to them.”

“We believe that emotionally stable traders and sales staff make better decisions, make more proactive attempts at communicating information to others, and maintain a stronger discipline in their investment strategies.”

“We believe that financial professionals need to develop control over their work environment and lead a balanced life, instead of remaining as passive victims of the markets swings and downturns.”

Actualizing Untapped Potential

Once all of the profiles are collected and analyzed by our experts, our 90 minute to 1/2 day "Bullish Thinking" workshop is presented to all of your employees/managers in a group format. Within this workshop, a system of emotional balance and discipline is taught as a set of skills to be used by key staff members. Employees will learn how to think their way out of a stressful situation and deal with counter-productive interpretations of their work environment. The result is that current employees learn a system of behavior that corrects a wide range of problems affecting their job performance. This workshop includes "Bullish Thinking", "Channeled Rage", and "Subtle Sales Training".

"BULLISH THINKING"& Subtle Sales Training Workshop

This is a one hour to half a day workshop designed to educate and motivate sales executives working within the financial services industry to take control of the uncertainties and stressors that dominate their daily work lives. Designed specifically to meet the needs of traders, financial advisors, wealth fund managers, and money managers, this workshop teaches practical skills for the purpose of developing emotional discipline, control over market uncertainty, and assertiveness skills for dealing with irate/disgruntled clientele. Additionally, through our consulting sales activities (Act As If training, Subtle Sales training, and Likability training), employees will be taught how to interpret their prospective clients or investors implicit investment styles and how to better market their products and themselves. This workshop is interactive and will require audience and group participation to demonstrate newly acquired skills and useful prizes may be won as well.

Participants will leave this workshop being able to:
  • Gain emotional discipline over volatile, stagnant, and/or stressful work environments.
  • Understand what your clients or investors want and how to subtly deliver it.
  • Become aware of your strengths and weaknesses as a salesman and how to improve your sales pitch.
  • Understand what it means to have the mental edge over your colleagues and current /prospective clients in order to close more accounts.
  • Confidently manage irate clients and colleagues
  • Turn setbacks, market downturns, and slumps into perceived challenges.
  • For traders, understand how their personality traits impact their emotional stability and ability to manage risk and sell their products.
  • Understand how to trade without emotion and increase risk appetite.
  • Recognize symptoms of behavioral paralysis and burnout that impede your success and that of others around you.
  • Recite motivational directives to enervate your performance at work.
Following the "Bullish Thinking" workshop, each employee/manager will receive three executive coaching sessions with one of our experts. Within these sessions, employees will find out how their individual profiles measured up against the "prototype employee" of their firm. The three most significant discrepancies between the target employee and the prototype will become the focus for the ensuing executive coaching sessions. The goal of these sessions is to close the gap between the top performer prototype and the target employee in the areas of what makes them most productive within their specific company.


“We believe that our continued commitment to our clients goals fosters trust and positive outcomes.”

As relating to our four phase Top Performer Profiling SystemSM and CATS-G Scan process, CSC offers booster sessions at 3 and 6 months after our intervention has concluded. Additionally daily reminders such as motivational tapes, e-mails, and calendars are used to maintain the newly learned skills. Executive hotline coaching is also available in 6 and 12 month packages to handle on the spot work-related stressors. CSC also has affiliations with other executive coaching facilities in your area to handle significant problems that may arise after our implementation phase has concluded.


“We believe that once individual employees actualize their untapped potential, whole companies can reach higher plateaus.”

"Meeting Your Bottom Line"

CSC uses the rating scale to retest at 3 and 6 months to see if discrepancies have improved and if overall productivity has increased. The resulting comparison profile maps out significant improvements in the target employees work skills, productive behaviors, and characteristics relative to the top performers in your company.

Additionally, with the use of our GROWware assessment we can help foster a more comfortable work environment where difficult employee personalities are modified to fit into your corporate culture.

757 3rd Avenue   |   New York, NY 10017   |   (646)600‑9011   |   DrAldenCass@gmail.com