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Building Skills

For those of you working within the financial sector, here are some helpful hints for motivating you to get through these troubling economic times.

1) The success of your morning sets the stage for how effective you will be in the afternoon. During these troubling times, many of you have started using more alcohol and other illicit substances to "forget" about your current financial and interpersonal woes. In a study that I conducted on Wall Street stockbrokers two years ago, brokers age 22-32 reported using alcohol 5 times per week and illicit substances such as cocaine, marijuana, or amphetamines 2 times per week. Marijuana is a demotivating drug that may relax your fried nerves at the end of the day, but will make it tough for you to have an exhaustive conversation in the morning. Amphetamines and cocaine are highly addictive, and coming down from using these drugs will not be an enjoyable experience.

Additionally, many individuals are not aware that using these drugs may set you up for a depressive episode that could last up to two weeks. If you are out partying with your friends and co-workers after work, think about placing a limit on the quantity of alcoholic beverages that you drink before you even leave the office. Hangovers are awful, and will make it very difficult for you to be "on your game" when the market opens in the morning.

How are you supposed to deal effectively with an irate client at 9:30 A.M. when you have bells still ringing in your ears? As bad as you will feel at 9:30 in the morning, expect that the tiredness will set in for your afternoon. Be proactive and think before you have that last drink!

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