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▼Declining Social Life ▲Dynamic Career ▼Depression ▼Social Isolation ▲Intelligent ▼Declining Job Performance ▼Sleep Problems ▲Excellent Physical Health ▼Weight Gain ▼Irritable ▲Good Income Growth ▲Healthy Energy Levels ▼Low Energy Levels ▼Indecisive ▲High Job Approval Ratings ▼Chronic Anxiety ▼Burnout ▲Successful Stress Management ▼Distractible ▲Enthusiastic ▼Hyper-Energetic ▲Great Social Life ▼Racing Thoughts ▼Grandiose ▲Leader ▼Addicted to High Risk Behavior ▲Top Performer ▼Buying Sprees ▼Abusing Alcohol ▼Abusing Drugs ▲Energetic ▼Marital Stress ▲Focused ▼Family Problems ▲Decisive ▼No Time for Family ▼Legal problems ▲High Job Satisfaction ▼Career Crisis ▲Great Friendships ▼Declining Social Life ▲Dynamic Career ▼Depression ▼Social Isolation ▲Intelligent
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Social Choices and Decision Making Group
"Rebuilding from Within"
(Community & Peer Activity based)


dealing with mood and anxiety disorders, vocational and academic issues, drug addiction, family conflicts

Group Run by Richard Repaci:
Licensed Clinical Social Worker


To encourage clients faced with dual diagnosis related disorders to become more independent and more capable of developing social skills without the use of drugs and alcohol. Social networking is prioritized in the community to improve a clients mood and feelings of confidence.

$75 per member, all members must be interviewed by group leader prior to attendance. Costs for the trips or activities are incurred by the client and not included in the $75.


Community based with various activities selected by group (i.e., bowling, visits to MOMA)


as scheduled on a weekly basis with the group)
For more information call Dr. Alden Cass at 646-600-9011

757 3rd Avenue   |   New York, NY 10017   |   (646)600‑9011   |   DrAldenCass@gmail.com