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The Wall Street Wives Club
Alden Cass

Description of the Group

The “Wall Street Wives Club” was formed to empower and serve the needs of wives and girlfriends whose husbands or significant others work in the stressful and volatile brokerage community. The pressure filled aspect of jobs within the financial sector often lead men to feel depressed, weak, incompetent, isolated, anxious and emotionally exhausted. Long work hours often impair the communication between partners in a relationship. Often it is as if the couple has become “two ships passing in the night.” Men are often uncomfortable expressing their feelings. Therefore, their partners need to understand how to reach them to bolster their relationship and feel more in control of their own lives. Women suffer along with their significant others and can feel equally as isolated if their partners refuse to seek help or discuss their feelings. Women may begin abusing alcohol or illegal drugs as a means of coping. Unfortunately, this leads to the destruction of lives, families, and marriages. Dr. Alden Cass is an experienced professional who has worked for the financial services industry for over 12 years. Dr. Cass understands the psyche of the male executive on Wall Street and how they think and deal with their stresses. Within this process/skill building group, he teaches women better ways to approach their significant others without making them feel inferior or defensive. Women will have the chance to vent their frustrations and get feedback and validation from the group and staff.

The group is comprised of women from all walks of life who are in need of a forum in which they can confidentially discuss their concerns, frustrations and successes with other women who have faced or are currently dealing with the same situations. These individuals learn how to approach their significant others in the hopes of encouraging them to get help and can learn how to identify risk factors in their significant others before it negatively impacts the marriage, relationship, or one of the partners individually. To make attendance at our meetings possible, we encourage our group members to bring their children to our offices. Your children will be watched by one of our counselors (i.e., music therapist, play therapist) while you have the chance to decompress and become part of our group.

The Wall Street Wives Club will benefit your life in many ways. Here are some of the benefits:
  1. A chance to be social and see that you are not the only one in a difficult relationship.
  2. The value of a supportive process group comprised of women just like you.
  3. The chance to learn about the real stressors faced by your significant other.
  4. The chance to learn skills that foster communication with your partner
  5. The convenience of bringing your children to this meeting and to give your child a chance to make potential friends while you attend group.
  6. To understand your feelings and how to better understand your partners’.

757 3rd Avenue   |   New York, NY 10017   |   (646)600‑9011   |   DrAldenCass@gmail.com