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Support Services (CSS)
Rebuilding from Within
For Individuals with Persistent Psychological Disorders & Chemical Dependence

Supportive Lifestyle Management Program
Family Interventions
Rehabilitation Placement Services for Dual Diagnosis Patients

CSS Group Therapy (as available)
  1. Mood Disorder Group
  2. Divorced Mens Support Group
  3. Wall Street Wives Club
  4. Vocational Group
  5. Addictions Support Group
  6. Social Choices & Decision Making Group (Community & Activity based)
  7. Dual Diagnosis Life Transitions Group
  8. ADHD Management Group
  9. Neuro-psychological testing
  10. Educational Testing
  11. Reflexology Holistic Healing Work
  12. Family Interventions

CSS teaches people how to live independently despite their psychological disorder or addiction. CSS provides an effective safety net to prevent relapse and hospitalization. In short CSS encourages greater independence and an improvement in quality of life for your loved ones.

Our innovative Support Services (CSS) program is designed to help individuals (18 and older) who have a persistent behavioral health disorder or a chemical dependency make as complete a recovery as possible. (CSS) provides supported independent living services (Outpatient Mentoring Program) for individuals living in Manhattan, Northern New Jersey, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx & parts of Westchester.

Our program is comprised of a tight-knit group of independently contracted therapists, lifestyle support managers, and psychiatrists. The goal of the program is to help individuals maintain strides toward ultimate fulfillment and achievement, despite their disabilities. All therapists, lifestyle support managers, and psychiatrists work collaboratively with the client to hold them accountable for their stated goals.

The CSS program provides (based on need and fee) supportive mentorship, 24/7 crisis intervention, medication support, drug testing, ERP relapse prevention, group therapy, career/vocational counseling, and individual psychotherapy. CSS lifestyle support managers assist with finding and keeping a job, going to school, managing money, cleaning, shopping and cooking. People can receive CSS for an indefinite period of time. All of our services are compatible with all 12-step programs.


For our Supportive Lifestyle Management Program, the fee ranges from $100 to $175 per day depending on the extent of services required and travel time. The fee includes 1 psychotherapy session, group therapy (frequency as needed) + 5 face to face hours of contact with a support manager, but does not cover psychiatric medication visits or activity costs. Fees are subject to change without notice. Insurance generally does not cover these fees.

Request more info by calling 646-600-9011.

Our professional staff of independent contractors is clinically supervised and directed by licensed psychologists and psychiatrists.

Dr. Alden Cass, Clinical Director
Dr. Arthur Jacobs, Psychiatrist
Dr. Amanda Itzkoff, Psychiatrist
Dr. Michael Nuccitelli, Clinical Psychologist
Dr. David Gureasko-Moore, Clinical Psychologist / Educational Testing
Dr. Beatrice Kraemer, Executive Coach / Female Specialist
Alfred Bernett, Clinical Social Worker / Group Therapist
Richard Repaci, LCSW, Clinical Social Worker

757 3rd Avenue   |   New York, NY 10017   |   (646)600‑9011   |   DrAldenCass@gmail.com