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CSC Performance Enhancement Packages

Therapy services: At CSC, we can refer you to trained and licensed clinical psychologists, social workers, and psychiatrists who utilize the most effective cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques to improve your life. Instead of lying on a couch, they have you sitting up engaged in the process of your own treatment. They deal with issues pertaining to burnout, major depression, anxiety disorders, trauma, bipolar disorder, family dysfunction, ADHD, personality disorders, and addiction. They work with adolescents and adults. Clients are seen weekly and may choose to supplement their services with one of our group therapy meetings.

Career/ Relationship Burnout Support Group: Sometimes in life, you become disillusioned about your careers. When it gets to the point of burnout, your perception becomes impaired and your options for change seem bleak. Rather than making an impulsive life changing decision based on emotion, come meet with Dr. Alden Cass and his staff for a group support meeting. Get expert advice from our team and benefit from feedback offered by other professionals who have faced similar life challenges. Call to be placed on our group waiting list today. Groups are for up to 5 members at a time.

Performance Coaching: Set yourself some new business goals and be held accountable for reaching them with one of our coaches. These are 50 minute meetings that can be done at our offices or a location that you choose.

Hybrid Coaching / Therapy: This is a great opportunity to work on your business but also a chance to learn how to better manage your emotions and relationships with others. We have psychiatrists who prescribe for those who require medication and our coaches are all licensed clinical psychologists who can help anyone with problems relating to burnout, mood instability, addiction, divorce, and stress management. These are 50 minute meetings to be conducted on or off site.

Nationwide Phone Coaching: If you are a professional not living in the New York City area, our performance coaching can still be easily received via the telephone. The process does not change other than having no face to face contact with your coach. This is a 50 minute phone meeting. Weekly assignments and materials can be mailed or faxed to you weekly to ensure continuity and accountability.

Talent Maturation for Athletes, Singers, and Performers: The pressures of early success and fame can sometimes be too great for young talent. There are so many stories of early career burnout or about young stars making poor decisions about their career or future. Many times they become anxious about being in the public eye for the first time and this negatively impacts their performance. The families of these performers can also be a stumbling block for some managers of talent and our coaching can help them get through these transitions as well. Coaching with CSC can help these individuals make the right career moves and prolong their longevity in the entertainment or sports arenas. As far as working with agents or managers in entertainment or sports, we can be retained for individual coaching of their up and coming top performers who may be too immature for the quick rise to fame and fortune. Our goal is to keep them focused on their career and help them to avoid distractions that may hurt their career. Through this process, I we work with these performers off site if needed if there needs to be work done on performance anxiety or how they relate to media or are perceived by the public. Topics that can be discussed can also involve the use or abuse of drugs and alcohol, family conflicts, relationships, depression, anger management, burnout, role transitions. We also can help out as expert witnesses in court cases with our forensics division and can create anger management programs for clients when needed from a public relations standpoint.

Case Management Services: For young adults or adults who may be experiencing occupational, academic, or social impairments we have case management services to foster growth out in the community. Our case managers can meet with your loved ones in their homes or out in the community to ensure that their goals are achieved. This is not a therapy service the objective is to provide support, coaching and motivation only.

And also on-site sessions, Back in 45 off-site sessions, Profiling Assessments, Wall Street Wives Club, Divorced Male Executive Group, Support Services.

757 3rd Avenue   |   New York, NY 10017   |   (646)600‑9011   |   DrAldenCass@gmail.com